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The Foundation is housed in premises which once hosted the bakeries of Nicosia’s Agii Omologites parish, hence the inspiration for its name: “artos” or “bread”, the product of the bakeries, a staple dietary item for the people of Cyprus through the ages; at the same time, there’s “ARTos” (ARTs Operating System), which places us directly in the modern era of the apotheosis of Technology which, incidentally, we should never forget, etymologically means “the systematic treatment of an art”, and tha Art, according to Zenios, “…is the Bread (artos) which gladdens the soul”!

The very premises themselves constitute another unique experience to the visitor. The traditional architecture of the 1901 building converses with the industrial edifice of 1950 which once housed the bakeries, while at the same time we see incorporated into the entire complex a modern extension completed in 2003, thus creating an autonomous work of art marked by artful plasticity and rhythm. One could say that this is a space inspiring and challenging creativity, a situation, in any case, constituting that which is desired.

Furthermore, during the refurbishment process and by opportune coincidence, we discovered and reconstructed a complex comprising nine unique ancient tombs dating back to the Hellenistic or, according to others, archaic period. In this way, the Foundation, with a solid foothold in the past, has, at the same time, its sights turned towards the future; it is inspired by ancient art and, through the use of modern technology, serves Cyprus’ timeless civilization, providing a platform for artistic and scientific creativity on a local and at the same time international level.

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