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Hack66 is a physical platform that combines three elements:

(a) hacker space (a place where artists, programmers, inventors gather, exchange ideas, use free open platforms and bring new innovative projects, ideas, policies and actions that can be considered as new products and addressed to the society)

(b) center of innovation (a place to attract creative and innovative thinkers, support, mentor and network them and secure the implementation)

(c) fablab (brings new experience and training on new technologies through practical workshops, i.e. 3D design & printing, to the local creative industry by utilizing experts, local or international).

Hack66 can host 4 projects simultaneously and the aim is to create jobs, start-ups and in general a sustainable blend between economy, creativity and production addressed to the international market. It will function on three levels: the “core”, consisting of the 4 project coordinators, the mentors and the interaction between them; the “suburbs” where there will be interaction with other similar projects and organizations that have an interest/benefit in this, i.e. local authorities, investors, local industry and individuals, and the “periphery” which is the general audience and the media, that can have a fortnightly presentation/dialogue and training. It is very important to engage the media in this process, in order to maximize the impact of innovative thinking and good practices in the society.