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Monday, 21st July 2014:
As the VETLICAT project is almost ten months after its launch we would like to recapitulate what has already happened in the project and what activities will be held in upcoming months.
Past events:
In the first five months of the year 2014, 5 monthly workshops organized by CIANT were held in the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX in Prague. The aim was to teach the participants the basics that they need to be able to work with the  new technologies and to introduce them themain issues of that area. Among the themes of workshops were 3D printing or 3D scanning technologies, basics of the VVVV programming language or use of lasers in the field of artistic creations.
Future of Art and Science
Prague also hosted another module called Future of Art and Science which included a series of lectures by eminent international researchers and practitioners from the field where art and science interact. Influential personalities (such as Louis Bec, Frederik de Wilde or AleksanderValjamae to name a few) gave lectures or attended panel discussions on the future of art and science, art and science and politics or art and science in the world of money.
In May, June and July, a Fabschool module was implemented in Cyprus. Workshops targeted young people, showed them how technology works, what processes lie behind technological solutions and what opportunities technology offers. Themes of the workshop were “Inaudible Music” which focused on exploration of the hidden sonic world or presentation of the basic concepts for creating interactivity in art using the VVVV Open Platform Visual Programming toolkit.
Upcoming events:
Education & Heritage
Workshop presenting the possibilities of including new technologies in traditional educational processes will be heldin Maribor this September. Participants will be using discarded appliances to construct small-size electronic devices and with their help creating a public space intervention. The workshop will offer and insight into the educational potential delivered by a skillful use of technological props and practical approaches to the educational process.
The first lecture from the PhDO module will take place later this year in Lisbon, Portugal and will focus on general presentatio of the problematics of existing VET models which do not effectively blend creativity with advanced technologies. Influntial personalities representing both these fields – Hugo Silva, Isabel Valverde and Sofia Oliveira – will lead the seminar that will aim to outline how to overcome those barriers.
Gaming may sound contradictory when it comes to elderly healthcare. But recent expert publications show clearly that there is a future in serious gaming for seniors to enhance social, physical and mental wellbeing. If you want to learn more about this topic, come to the first lecture from the Exergaming that will take place in Prague this autumn.
Wednesday, 15th January 2014:
We are proud to announce a start of the new project VETLICAT which addresses specific target group of creative industry professionals, both VET providers and consumers such as artists, designers and creative sector decision makers. Through six different modules the VETLICAT project will allow them to improve their mind in practical and theoretical aspects of art and new technologies, as well as to meet with significant professionals from the field.
Description of the individual modules:
The Fabrication Laboratory module is a series of five workshops held in Prague in the first half of 2014 and where participants can learn the basics that need to work with the machines and new technologies and to get know the basic issues of that area. The Fablab will encourage people to translate their ideas into physical prototypes and new products and to share knowledge and designs.
Future of Art and Science
In parallel with the Fablab, Prague will host another module called Future of Art and Science which is a series of lectures by eminent international researchers and practitioners from the field where art and science interact. They will discuss and explore future benefits and challenges, processes, politics and collaboration between art and science. Every evening the experts talk about their distinct field of work related to a theme that is at stake concerning art & science.
Education and Heritage
This module will take place in Slovenia and its aim is to inspire and to share the knowledge about the creative use of new technology in education. It aspires to tailor its services to the needs of education and heritage of the given country. The services that they have to offer are meant for local education, being both professionals as pupils and students, but also for organisations in education and people working at creative media businesses, museums and libraries.
Learning by making with a focus on creativity, technology and entrepreneurship. That is FabSchool in short. With this project wecreate various Fablabs accessible to young people. FabSchool responds to current social and economic needs and trends and reflects the interests and the world of young people. With this project, we will stimulate the skills needed for tomorrow’s society: art, creativity, entrepreneurship and critical reflection.
The module is focused on the elderly generation and their healthcare improvement through serious games. In this project we will be working according to an interactive design process, following designers’ principle: concepts and prototypes will be built through co-creation with users. In cooperation with TAKOMAT, one of the main leaders in Serious Games creation, we will carry out this module and take advantage of their experience. The module will take place in Prague.
PhDO consists of networking events: both for individuals in the creative sector, and for people working in research and development. The network aims to develop realistic insights in the process of preparing, applying, setting up & carrying out research in the Creative Sector. The module will take place in Portugal.
 What is VETLICAT?

VETLICAT(Vocational and Educational Training, Linking Creativity & Advanced Technology)implements in cooperation with the CIANT Centre and ARTos Foundation projects which focuses on a specific target group composed of creative professionals, providers and recipients of specialized training alike, such as artists, designers, managers, etc.

Addressing a problem existing in VET scenarios which do not link effectively the creativity with the advanced technology. The main objective is to change this unpleasant situation and offer to our attendees the possibility to educate themselves in that area. The Vetlicat project allows the visitors to improve their mind in practical and theoretical aspects of that area, as well as to meet with significant professionals from the field and to familiarize with contemporary trends in linking art and new technologies. It is our primary aim to increase competences and skills of creative sector professionals.

The Future of Art & Science Collaboration
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