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 ARTECITYA – Envisioning the City of Tomorrow (2014 – 2018)
Artecitya is a Europe-wide project bringing together artists, architects, town planners and citizens to re-create the cities we want to live in. The priority is to stimulate a vigorously innovative approach to the concept of urban life taking into account the sociological evolution and people’s needs. Artecitya groups 8 co-organizers from around Europe devoted to planning and developing towns and cities particularly regarding their architectural and artistic content. Working side by side for several years on a rigorous programme of activity, the partners have obtained practical experience and developed methods of intervening in urban development directly involving artists, architects, town planners and the local populations.
During the preliminary four-year period, numerous architects and artists, working hand in hand with town and townscape planners, are to build up collaborative processes to create effective results in public spaces. They will further study innovative financing measures and promote means for raising awareness, informing and even training the public to take part in the transformation and improvement of their own districts and neighbourhoods.
To catch a glimpse of our kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki, press here.
Partner Organizations:
3rd Partners Meeting – KUNSTrePUBLIK, Berlin, Germany
12 & 13 May 2016
On the 12 & 13 May the third partners’ meeting for the Creative Europe programme ARTECITYA 2014- 2018, took place at ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, giving us the opportunity to talk about the achievements of our eight European partners and develop new cultural and urban development projects, alongside Apollonia Échanges Artistiques Européens, KUNSTrePUBLIK (ZK/U), MOTA – Museum of Transitory Art, Bellastock, Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki, TIF Helexpo, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art and AECB.
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Innovation Gym
Paris, Strasbourg, Thessaloniki, Berlin.
Innovation Gym is a research lab dedicated to the discovery of new ways to invent and/or re-invent ideas, processes, products, policies and infrastructures, through mind-shifting towards innovative thinking and the use of existing knowledge and experience.Innovation Gym is a blend of artistic and scientific practices/actions, which are applied in the society for the benefit of the people and the economy; whilst focusing on the aspect of social impact. This practical crash course is always custom-made and combined with: a research on the specific topic on which it focuses each time, and a study of the profile of the people attending.Innovation Gym is developed in three steps:
1. How to get new and innovative ideas
2. How to select and predict which of your ideas will succeed
3. Design the blueprints and plans of your idea in a rapid-mapping approach.The Innovation Gym trainings within the framework of Artecitya, were delivered by the Innovation trainer, engineer and multi-disciplinary artist Achilleas Kentonis and hosted by our network partners Bellastock (Paris, France), ArtBox and The Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki, Greece), Apollonia (Strasbourg, France). The final training will take place this coming May at Kunstrepublik (Berlin, Germany).

Each version is custom-made based on the participants’ needs and the scope/field of work that each organization focuses on/wishes to improve. The Innovation Gym in Paris focused on “Innovative Design in platforms with social and ecological impact”; in Thessaloniki on “Citizen’s Innovative Initiatives & Design-process Engagement”; and in Strasbourg on “Social Innovation and Sustainable practices”. In Berlin, the trainings will be focused on the subject of on “Participative Design and Economic Sustainability”.

The mentoring of the participants, based on the processes and techniques that were developed during the trainings, carries on in the months following the training sessions, in order to ensure its successful outcomes and a mind-shift towards more innovative and efficient methods and practices of implementing each task that they come across.

For further information on Innovation Gym, press here. 

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METAPOLIS: Intervention in the City
 9 & 10 October 2015
at ARTos Foundation
ARTos Foundation in collaboration with Bellastock Architecture Experimental present ‘METAPOLIS: Intervention in the City’, with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and within the framework of the EU program Artecitya 2014 – 2018. The program includes a one week Residency by the Bellastock architects Simon Jacquemin (FR) and Antoine Aubnais (FR), based on the subject ‘Patrimony Issues and Territorial Strategies in Cyprus’. The Residency will include the symposium ‘Stock & Reuse Architecture’, which will take place on the 9th October at 19:00 at ARTos Foundation, and the workshop ‘Patrimony Issues & Territorial Strategies in Cyprus’, by Bellastock Architecture Experimental, which will take place on the 10th October from 10:30 until 18:00, at ARTos Foundation.
‘Stock & Reuse Architecture’
Symposium: 9th October 2015 / at 19:00* / at ARTos Foundation
The symposium will focus on the concept of re-using architecture in a cross-discipline manner and will include a series of good-practices that took place within Cyprus, Europe and other places in the world. The audience will have the opportunity to experience and learn from other international efforts and projects which could be beneficial in broadening the spectrum of local activities.
Key-speakers: Simon Jacquemin (Bellastock, FR), Antoine Aubnais (Bellastock, FR), Eleonora Antoniadou (Frederick University – Department of Architecture, CY), Marcos Podydorou (Polydorou Architects, RELAB Studio CY), Giorgos Hadjichristou (University of Nicosia – Department of Architecture, CY), Christos Hadjichristos (University of Cyprus – Department of Architecture, CY), Solon Xenopoulos (Neapolis University Paphos, CY)
Free Entrance
Language: English
‘Patrimony Issues & Territorial Strategies in Cyprus’ 
Workshop by Bellastock Architecture Experimental 
Preparation Meetings with the architects*: 6th – 8th October/ 17:00 – 19:00 / at ARTos Foundation
Workshop: 10th October 2015 / 10:30 – 18:00**/ at ARTos Foundation 
(The workshop will end with the final presentations of the work produced)
The participants are invited to investigate on “Invisible buffer zones” and discarded resources regarding citizens and inhabitants needs in order to settle bottom up planning strategy. The goal of the workshop will be to draw a blue print for a more long term “place-making” project including its protocol, scenario, and design.
“As we were trying to write a scenario to our proposal for our Residency in Cyprus, we’ve been through a lot of documentation about the urban situation of Nicosia and it’s buffer zone, and the obvious patrimonial problematic that goes with it. We were first passionate, but then we thought that it might be possible that this focus point was diverting our eyes and ears from other critical urban situations.”
Simon Jacquemin and Antoine Aubnais
Bellastock Architecture Experimental
The workshop is directed towards architects, environmentalists, landscape designers, city planners and interdisciplinary artists in Cyprus. Limited number of participants. To ensure your participation, please contact us at 22445455 or
Free Entrance
Language: English
Read Bellastock’s Interview for ‘Parathyro’ magazine of Politis newspaper here.
Photos of their Residency here.