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Micro-cinema of Attractions | GIF art imageries and creative techniques 

Within the framework of CON-TEMPORARY URBANITY

“The experience of early silent cinema unfolds as a cabinet of curious cinematographic techniques and spectacular fictions. The exhibition draws an analogy between the concept of Tom Gunning ‘cinema of attractions’ on the early phase of silent cinema (1907-1913) and GIF art.

Cinema of attractions refers to the nascent features of silent films which captivated viewers with striking moving images, before its liaison with the diegetic formats of theatre and literature did take over the medium. It is an era of creative imagery productions, where exhibitionist and unconventional fictions were less of telling stories than experimenting with moving images in their extreme potential.

Micro-cinema of attractions explores new concepts of space and time which are being formed in contemporary GIF art, focusing less on typical storytelling modes and more on GIF artworks as self-enclosed aesthetic micro-worlds.

GIF art employs radical and unusual creative techniques and imageries, reinforcing obsolete cinematic and artistic forms, applying avant-garde concepts, freely copying, decontextualizing and defying or defining norms, while also generating a highly shareable content which is massively propagated through social networks.”

Mariana Ziku

Exhibition’s Curator

‘Micro-cinema of Attractions’ has been developed as a result of the collaboration between ARTos Foundation and the Moving Silence platform; the Berlin based network for contemporary silent film. The program will include a workshop, on the 2 December 2016 on how to build an analogue GIF-player with the Belgian artist and graphic designer Pieterjan Grandry, and an exhibition on the 3 December 2016, in the form of an urban tour of GIF projections around the city of Nicosia. ‘Micro-cinema of Attractions’ is taking place within the framework of the programme CON-TEMPORARY URBANITY, with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Goethe-Institut.


2 December 2016, 16:00 – 20:00, at ARTos Foundation

Belgian artist and graphic designer Pieterjan Grandry will do a drop in workshop on how to make analogue GIF’s. Participants will be able to create their own contemporary zoetropes and display GIFs in a physical format.

*No registration is needed, participants can walk in and out, stay longer or shorter and experiment with drawing as they like.

Free Entrance

Duration: Participants can join in at any time from 16:00 until 20:00.



ARTos Foundation invites artists from Cyprus and abroad to submit their GIF artworks linked to the exhibition concept, revealing unique, artistic micro-worlds.

10 Cyprus-based and 10 international artists will be selected for the exhibition, one of which will receive the 1st prize and fees of 250 euros.

Up to 3 GIF artworks (url or attached)
Personal information (name, country) + weblink (webpage or social media)
Specifications on manipulation (programs used, techniques)
Send to with header “ARTos GIF” and your name.

DEADLINE: 13 November 2016 at midnight


Jolly_The complete Eskimo ice cream menu from the summer 2011


The program “Con-temporary Urbanity” aims to address the city as a stage, where artists experience everyday life as a theatrical act. Through their own perception, psyche-body and critical thinking, they record and create ephemeral, visual interventions in the form of a digital graffiti in the urban landscape.

[Artist Talk & Presentation, with Gerald Zahn & Nika Kupyrova]

29 September 2016, at 19:30

at ARTos Foundation

Within the framework of the program, ARTos Foundation in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy in Cyprus, have invited the artists Gerald Zahn and Nika Kupyrova, living in Vienna, Austria, for a ten-day Artist Residency at ARTos Foundation. The artists will use the residency and the locality of Cyprus as a starting point for visual research in their chosen mediums of video and sculpture. They will share their impressions, show some of their works and offer a deeper insight into their practice during a presentation and a talk, which will take place on the 29 September 2016, at 19:30, at ARTos Foundation. 

The program takes place with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Austrian Embassy in Cyprus.

The programme’s actions continue in December 2016, with the action “Micro-cinema of Attractions | GIF art imageries and creative techniques” and an urban tour of GIF Art projections.

Free Entrance

Language: English

For more information, please contact us at  or 22445456.

A few words about Gerald Zahn

Gerald Zahn’s practice explores the phenomena of contemporary life and the aesthetic of the entertainment industry. His work integrates different media and is often presented in a form of abstract collections, which focus on the detection of hidden, but prevalent standards.

In many of his films and video installations, Gerald Zahn slows down the narrative by using static photography rather than traditional film or by deciding against the usual succession of fast cuts and instead letting the story unfold in a single take.

A few words about Nika Kupyrova

Nika Kupyrova appropriates found text, concepts and pop culture phenomena to direct her own working process. The resulting self-reflective, multi-layered sculptures propose the bridges between the textual and the visual languages and investigate the gestures of three-dimensionality, reproduction and the notion of the original.