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Serbia 1915

April 11, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EEST

Philosophyofgoodnews is delighted to announce the launch of series of events about humanity of us THE PEOPLE in the most difficult times, times of war, with first being called “Serbia 1915”.
We do hope that this lecture presented by very talented young historian Boris Markovic, who already wrote many articles in National Geographic magazine, Serbian edition, and is currently a curator in History museum of Serbia in Belgrade will contribute and awake and unite human beings in exercising our right to live and love and build the world without wars and suffering. World which will not follow the axiom “Divide and rule” but on the contrary follow, we hope, “Conect and Respect.”
Events which tragically affected Serbia and its people in 1915 will be presented to you with a stories and short films of 1915.
You will learn from Serbian and non Serbian sources how great sacrifice Nikolas Romanov the Csar of Russia has done defending Serbia, how Serbian flag stood together with the USA flag at White house, how a German-Swiss Rudolphe Archibald Reiss, criminology-pioneer, forensic scientist, professor and writer instructed in his last will that his urn containing his heart be placed at Mount Kaimakcalan where Serbian army re-entered Serbia in 1918 defeating enemy armies. You will also learn what a famous and highly successful German Field Marchal August von Mackensen said to his troops before going to Serbia in 1915 and about unique monument he instructed to be built in Belgrade celebrating Serbian Soldier!

You will learn more about Serbian “stubborn self-reliance” and about Serbian King Petar I Karadjordjevic and his moral and leadership, rare in the days we live.
” Heros, you have taken two oaths: One for me, your King and one for your Country. From the first I release you, for the situation is far too grave to justify me, an old man on the edge of the grave, in holding you to it. From the oath to your country no man can release you. But I promise you that if you decide to return to your homes, and if fortune favors our cause, you shall not be made to suffer. But whether you go or stay I and my sons remain here.”
The above two quotes are from the R. W. Seton-Watson book” The Spirit of the Serb”.

You will also find out how British and French tried to help Serbia by landing troops in Salonica and using their ships to transport Serbian army and people from shores of today’s Albania to Greek island of Corfu and further to Salonica to recover and get ready for the offensive.
You will learn how Greeks, the inhabitants of Salonica and Corfu exercise their hospitality and how Serbian soldiers showed their gratitude and respect.
And many many more, all accompanied with solo music performed by talented clarinetist Jovana Spasojevic and talented violonchelist Nikola Nikolic.

Our genuine, humble, human aim is, as great Winston Churchill said (quote in spontaneous translation)
“Remembrance is the most skilled Alchemist! Everything what was lead in the past becomes the gold in the present!”

We do genuinely hope that Gold will be the result of our first lecture.

After lecture you can ask questions and after mingle having the help of drinks and food served.

Attendance is free of charge

However as space is limited, kindly confirm your attendance using messenger to philosophyofgoodnews or alternatively mail to kodaral65@gmail.com

Thank you.
Philosophy of good news


11 April 2019 at ARTos Foundation


April 11, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EEST
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ARTos Foundation
64. Ay. Omoloyites
Nicosia, Kypros / Kibris 1080 Cyprus
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